Initial Assessment (if needed) - €150   
This may take from 1 to 2 one-hour sessions depending on the complexity of your child’s communication difficulties. 

Treatment Sessions - €80 1 hr /  €60 ½ hr
Weekly or fortnightly according to your child’s needs.

Home Programmes - €100
Where appropriate, after initial assessment, a home programme may be provided. This includes all written and picture materials necessary to complete the work. (Review is normally recommended after 8-10 weeks, following which a new home programme may be recommended.)

Home Programme 1 hour review : €80

​Group Talks/Schools Services: POR


Detailed Written Report -  €100 to €150
Health insurers
normally request GP Referral for partial refund of SLT fees.  Check your health insurance plan regarding your entitlements.  

Cancellation Policy :
Appointments may be cancelled without charge up to 48 hours before the agreed time.  Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment will incur a 50% fee as will missed appointments.

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